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In a week I will take the first steps on the through-hike I've longed for since I read the book Wild.

Why Liechtenstein? No big reason actually. Beauty, cool air, and mountains were on my list, as well as hotels for each night where my luggage would magically appear. Somehow the enticement that one could hike the entire country in 4-6 days was the final hook.

Of course the trip got delayed due to the pandemic, and then I was awful busy with Oaxaca, and then there was the Interstitial Lung Disease/arthritis/geezer descent. So I'm going while I can still stand upright.

Here's the plan (tempting fate with planning, yes?) --- here it is anyway: I will begin each day with a query, meditate on that query and hike all day with it in mind. At night I will write a bit and maybe I will send those journal entries and some pics out as blog posts. Sending you this alert will hopefully keep me accountable. On the other hand if I fall for shepherd in lederhosen, all bets are off.

First day's query

What experiences do I want so that I can die with few regrets?

Join me in this exploration and contemplation if you like. Let's talk about how to spend the last act of the play that is out lives!

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