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How About a

Build-Your-Own Tour?

Year Round Availability

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6 - 10 day tours in captivating Oaxaca, customized for you!


Have a group of travel-obsessed friends? How about a guild or club that wants to explore its special topic in another country? Interested in exploring Mexico's eco-tourism offerings with your local farmer's market? Or perhaps your extended family has decided to go on a trip together...


You can provide a matchless experience in Oaxaca for everyone and sidestep the burden of travel planning. How? Collaborate with Open Heart Tours on one of our Build-Your-Own tours! You gather the group, we take care of all the planning and logistics. You simply arrive - and enjoy!


If interested, we encourage you to contact us approximately 6 to 8 months prior to the anticipated travel dates. We'll want to hear about your group, their travel experience, interests, budget and availability. We'll offer ideas based on our knowledge of Oaxaca. We'll also do  any  necessary groundwork for special-topic activities by working with our network of friends and local associates in Oaxaca. Then, we organize, price and facilitate your time in Mexico. Nothing could be easier!


​​​A "Build-Your-Own Tour" price includes

  • Lodging in authentic, well-located hotel(s)

  • Daily full breakfast & lunch

  • Guided, bilingual tours

  • Transportation within Mexico

  • Entry fees into facilities

  • Special activities, workshops, classes and visits requested by the group

It would not include

  • Flights to and from Oaxaca, Mexico

  • Travel insurance

  • Dinners

Contact Us to discuss the possibilities. We can't wait to join forces and create a truly memorable experience.

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