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I’m Janie Cravens, owner and guide at Open Heart Tours.


I’ve traveled in Mexico literally all my life. I'm inexplicably drawn to the place. When I'm there, something tight in my shoulders relaxes. My heart opens, my mind is able to explore, question and delight. Hurts lessen and longings are requited. Though I reside most of the year in Santa Fe, New Mexico, a big chunk of my heart remains always in Mexico.


By profession, I am a clinical social worker. I have a specialized private practice consulting with agencies and government entities on matters of child welfare.  A few years ago, I decided to have a retirement business -- Open Heart Tours -- where I could continue to host groups in Mexico that would contribute to the betterment of indigenous women, children and villages.


When not working or traveling, I like to  read books, dance, volunteer in my community, hike, practice my foodie habits, and plan my next Mexico sojourn.

I invite you to join us for one of Open Heart Tour's trips. Enjoy the magic of Oaxaca. Give a helping hand to those in the community you visit. It's a vacation  you can feel good about!

To learn more about Janie's personal journey listen to her interview on The Jubilation Podcast below. 

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Pablo Gonzalez Marsch was born and raised in Oaxaca de Juarez and educated at the Technological Institute for Engineering. Alongside his career as a university professor, Pablo became a licensed guide. He has enjoyed sharing “his Oaxaca” with visitors over 30 years. Pablo's love of the pre-Hispanic cultures, the architecture and archaeology of his homeland and his treasury of fascinating facts make him a perfect tour guide. As icing on the cake, he also happens to be an avid birder, mushroom hound, poet and gastronome. 

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