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​Autumn Tours
Oaxacan Day of the Dead
 Oct. 28 - Nov 5, 2022 


Experience all the magic of Day of the Dead...

Take the plunge into this most mystical time in Mexico: Day of the Dead. You'll experience the wild, the spiritual and the healing power of nature during this beautiful season in Oaxaca.

Mexican culture recognizes death as a natural part of the human experience alongside birth, childhood, and adult life. On Nov. 1 and 2, Dia de los Muertos, the dead get to spend time again with their community, awakened from eternal sleep for a brief visit with their loved ones.

Arriving before the actual event allows the group to experience the build up of the altars, giant mandalas, cemetery celebrations and street fairs. We'll also visit private homes to learn about the deeper, personal significance of Day of the Dead.  You are encouraged to bring a personal remembrance for our group altar. Midway through the tour, we might sojourn to the nearby mountains to hike, bird watch and re-center.  


Tour Cost: $3000 


Email us with questions about the winter tour.

Register for the trip here.

​​Tour price includes

  • Private single rooms 

  • Daily full breakfast & lunch

  • Guided, bilingual tours

  • Transportation within Mexico

  • Entry fees into facilities

Tour price does not include

  • Flights to and from Oaxaca, Mexico

  • Travel insurance

  • Dinners

Additional Information

  • Typically groups are small, from 4-12 people

  • $500 non-refundable deposit holds your spot

  • Deposit & Letter of Agreement form must accompany deposit. Form will be sent to you via email after initial inquiry.

  • Remaining balance due 60 days before departure date, along with proof of international health coverage.

  • We accept personal checks as payment

 Sample Itinerary (sequence may change as needed)


Day 1: Arrive to Oaxaca, stroll to the zocalo (central square).  Don’t forget your camera! 


Day 2: Tour of the city center – churches, markets, museums!  You’ll get to observe as the altars and sand paintings are built.  People-watching, galleries, exciting eats/drinks and shopping will fill in any gaps. 


Day 3: Visit to Coyotepec for black pottery (barro negro).  Meet the Aguilar sisters, ceramicists of Ocotlan. See Rudolfo Morales’ museum and church restoration sites.


Day 4: San Pablo Convento, the Oaxaca Textile Museum and Botanical garden tour. It’s time for street parades, music, dance and Dia de los Muertos exuberance all through the city.  The group will build their own Day of the Dead altar so bring your special remembrances.


Day 5: Visit the most colorful tianguis (village market) in Tlacolula. Tour Iglesia Señor chapel, a world heritage site, followed by Yagul &/or Mitla archaeological sites.  Evening concerts and street festivals.


Day 7: Spend the day with families at the weaving village Teotitlan del Valle. Learn about the community's  1000-year-old weaving, spinning and dye traditions. Cooking class and lunch in a Zapotec home.

Day 8:  Tour Monte Alban, the most significant archaeological site in Oaxaca, with a local history professor as guide.


Day 9: Return home

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