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Open Heart Tours leads trips to Oaxaca three times each year: in winter, summer & fall. The different seasons offer an enchanting array of sights, sounds, colors, flavors and festivities. Whether you've a passion for culinary adventures or the folk arts of Mexico, hope to wander the remains  of Mexico's past civilizations or simply want to spend time in a warm and friendly climate, we are pleased to share the magic of our favorite place, Oaxaca, with you.

A Warm Winter Getaway


Our wintertime trips to Oaxaca provide you with a much-needed respite from snow and ice. Steep yourself in warmth, in the enjoyment of sumptuous food, and the artisan traditions of the region. The winter trips focus on organic farms, the grassroots non-GMO movement, and regional sustainability efforts. We donate a portion of the tour's proceeds to the farmer's market of your choice.

JAN. 13-21, 2022 Feasting & Foodways with Newcomers Club of Santa Fe (but you're welcome whether you're a Santa Fe Newomers of not!)

Jan. 26-Feb. 3, 2022
EDIBLE NEW MEXICO MAGAZINE & OPEN HEART host a foodways tour with plenty of fun along with lessons worth learning. 


Celebrate Summertime

Oaxaca enjoys cool summers due to the 
elevation, so beat the heat and plan a 

customized tour with your friends for the
spectacular Guelaguetza Dance Festival in
late July.  Email to




Extraordinary Autumn

Everyone should experience Dia de los Muertos in Mexico at least once. It's a singular, stirring experience. Oaxaca's Day of the Dead is especially famous for artistic public expressions and private ceremony. We'll explore both, along with the nearby mountains, popular attractions and numerous artisan studios.  A trip unlike any other.
Oaxacan Day of the Dead fills quickly, so reserve your place(s) early!

Often we'll offer a Day-After-The-Dead tour that starts right after 100,000 tourists leave, but Dia de los Muertos continues with local observances.  Email to discuss. 

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