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In the blur that is travelling these days, I seem to have melded 3.5 days into are few snapshots in order of how they crossed my viewfinder.

YEP, those are real live gnomes, & people really do put them in their yards! Who knew?

Now, recall that I'm considering a query each day. Day ones question was: What experiences do I want so that I can die with few regrets? One person wrote back with I think of people when I hear the word regret. I would want to have no regret at the end of my life with regard to personal relationships.

That's my first honest response too.....years ago when my dear friend & life coach mucho exellentante, Colleen Troy, posed this question to me it was worded What accomplishments must I have in my life so that I can die with few regrets? but at our age (my age anyway) I'm done with accomplishments. Thankgod. Sooooo, when I sub in the word experiences here are some [fairly] honest answers:

First, I want to finally learn to treat myself with real self-love and acceptance. I'm sure that's the only way I can bring that to the relationships with my adult children (which is my true first goal but I backed up a step. It's gotta start with ME). I want to reign in my personality defects in relationships. I can’t change most of my quirks and god-knows-I’ve-tried, but I can dial them back

Secondly, I want to push myself to have a through hike. haha, almost got that one and am planning more.

Third.....I want to be brutally honest with myself and admit that one experience I have not had is a successful long-term romantic relationship. I cannot actually say that’s what I want now, being very used to living alone, making all decisions, not having to compromise much, and sleeping without snore sonatas. So I’ll set the bar a bit lower: I’d Like To Have Sex Before I Die. haha. Well, maybe :)

Another thing that nags me about how I’m using this time in Earth School – I’m not very creative. Except with foodways, but I wish I had a hobby that didn’t make me fat. I watch my artist, writer, knitter, piano playing, mosaicking friends and feel a longing.Then I go bake a cake & order new sweatpants.

Next query: If there was a secret passion in your life - something almost too exciting to actually do - what would it be?


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Aug 23, 2023

Something almost too exciting to actually do. Well, I really admire Paul Salopek and his attempt to walk over 24,000 miles from Africa to the tip of South America. Not in my wildest dreams would I attempt this, but I think his journey is so exciting.

Laura Harper
Aug 29, 2023
Replying to

Isn’t that walk fantastic? It’s REAL slow travel getting to really know a place and learning about whatever crosses your path.

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